Antique ad for Appleyard's Photo Shop, 1925
Merson Furniture and Music Store advertisement, 1925 Big Casino Ad
Photo of the North and South Beach Piers at the entrance to South Haven's harbor taken from North Beach, 1905
South Haven Piers, 1905

South Haven Line - Chicago to South Haven
Steamship Ad, Early 1900's

Photographic Memories of South Haven, Michigan, published in 1996, is a compilation of R.W.'s two previous books: South Haven, A Pictorial Review 1860-1960 and Images of the Past, South Haven, MI.
1st Book - South Haven, A Pictorial Review 1860-19602nd Book - Images of the Past, South Haven, MI

The previous books have dramatically increased in value, as proven on eBay when a copy of the 1st edition, A Pictorial Review 1860-1960, sold for over $109.00. Each edition is quite limited, and only 400 copies remain. Once all are sold, no more will be printed.

The Appleyard's are a South Haven Photographic Dynasty. Appleyard Studios began in 1924 when Ray S. Appleyard bought a photography studio in downtown South Haven, his son Richard joined him in 1929. Richard's two sons, Mike & Ed, also entered the business when they were grown.

Invitation to Independence Ball, social party on Wednesday, July 4, '69.Photographic Memories of South Haven, MI contains photos and graphic artwork by Appleyard Studios, plus a number of other photographers and artists who actually lived in town, and by many who came through South Haven over the years.

It also holds within its pages some absolutely wonderful historical memorabilia, like the invitation (at left) to a "Social Party" in South Haven on Wednesday, July 4, '69...1869.

Page after page of this thick volume illuminates the history of South Haven on a grand scale. Starting in the mid 1800s, progressing through and beyond it's illustrious days as a favorite destination for glamorous steam ships from Chicago.

Chicago & South Haven Steamship Co. Banner
Approximately two thousand vacationers arrived by boat at the docks of the Black River each weekend in the early 1900's.

Throng disembarking from a ship docked on the Black River

In those days South Haven was both destination and hub, connecting steam ships and the rail lines that ran to South Haven.

Photographic Memories takes you back there with a local man who loved the town and loved photography - R.W. Appleyard >>>

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